Exquisite expressions from two of Campbeltown’s three whisky distilleries.

The erstwhile whisky capital of the world, Campbeltown has captured the minds and imaginations of whisky lovers like me for decades. Home to just 3 prolific distilleries today, Campbeltown once stood source and inspiration to 34 distillers and whisky houses – thus, claiming its rightful title of ‘Whiskyopolis’ and ‘Spiritsville’, amongst malt-men and whisky women.

A sheltered port at the banks of Cambeltown loch, its ardent whisky making community flourished for generations, with distilleries in operation since the early 1800’s. Blessed with mild coastal caresses from the Gulf stream and home to divine Scottish waters, its ascendance to the high temple of the Scottish tipple was only but natural.

Today only three distilleries remain in Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle and Vault is deeply honored to be able to share exquisite expressions from two of Campbeltown’s three whisky distilleries.

Allow me to introduce you to its prolific distillers and their handcrafted ode to the spirit of Campbeltown.

Keshav Prakash

Keeper of Quaich


The oldest independent family-owned distillery and founded in 1828, Springbank, is located at the heart of Campbeltown on the very location where Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still stood. Lauded as the most handmade Scottish Single Malt, it’s enigmatic connection with Campbeltown comes alive in singular creations and world-renowned bottlings. Masterful creators, their tantalizing use of peat is any ardent whisky lover’s treat.

Springbank’s distinctive single malts’— Springbank, Hazelburn, and Kilkerran – are made using three unique and separate methods. All handmade and every bit as iconic as the hallowed whisky lands they come from.

Medium Peated, 2 1/2 Times Distilled 10 Year Old : SPRINGBANK

Unpeated, Tripple Distilled, 10 Year Old : HAZELBURN

Richly Peated. Double Distilled : LONGROW


Founded by William Mitchell, the son of Springbank Distillery’s founder, Glengyle began operations just down the street from Springbank in 1872, rising to fame with its 30 odd contemporaries at the whisky capital. Nearly 100 years since, the distillery blossoms under its newest caretaker Mr. Hedley Wright, the great-great nephew of William Mitchell.


A full circle that shines through in its singular expression – Kilkerran – an ode to the Saint Kerran’s the guardian of Campbeltown.

Lightly Peated, Oak and Sherry Matured, 12-Year-Old KILKERRAN