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    Though one of the stories around the name ‘bathtub gin’ goes back to the Prohibition Era of 1920s, when gin was produced in amateur conditions at home, where the cheap grain alcohol was mixed with water and flavoring agents like juniper berries were added and allowed to steep in the common metal bathtub or the ceramic bathtub for several hours or days to make it drinkable, there are several other stories around it too. There are stories of how just the `tap’ of the bathtub was used to water the liquid down, as the bottles wouldn’t fit in the sinks.


    It doesn’t matter, as the name ‘bathtub gin’ did stick around.


    At Ableforth, other than the name ‘Bathtub Gin’ that represents the traditional method of cold-compounding, the whole process and ingredients is extremely superior, and the final product is an extraordinary balance of flavor and boldness.


    And what proof of that but the several awards that Ableforth Bathtub Gin has under its belt. This Gin is already on professional mixologists love-list. Wrapped in brown paper, strung and waxed by hand, you can see that at Ableforth’s, they are very particular.

    Bathtub Gin

    43.3% Abv – 700ml

    One of the only cold-compounded gin available, the spirit is first pot-distilled with juniper, coriander and other fragrant botanicals. Then a portion of the gin is painstakingly infused with a further six botanicals like orange peel, cassia, juniper, coriander, cardamom and clove, and the length of the compounding period is controlled with periodic sampling. This infusion is blended back into the gin, giving Bathtub the unique character, allowing the fresh botanical flavours – too delicate to survive traditional distillation – to shine through, due to the cold-compounding method.


    Tasting Notes: The nose is a bold flavor profile of rich juniper, followed by notes of cinnamon, cardamom and orange adding to the citrus waft. The mouthfeel brings a touch of juniper and waxy pine, but you will not miss the cinnamon and the citrus, making it creamy and refreshingly smooth. This entrancing earthy gin, also performs exceptionally well in cocktails such as the G&T, Dry Martini, or the Bramble.