Aerolite Lyndsay

Region –Islay, Scotland


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    10 YEARS OLD


    46% AbV – 700ml

    A peaty Islay single malt, the first mysterious release  from The Character of Islay Whisky company, Aerolite Lyndsay brings the finesse of a decade old barrel and cask aged spirit to the Islay aficionado.  The category winner of the 2020 World Whiskies award, this enigmatic single malt from the stable of Atom Brands, is sourced from an undisclosed Islay distillery ensuring the focus remains on just what’s in the bottle and not around it.


    A bold whisky, aged in both bourbon barrels and Spanish oak sherry quarter casks , the Aerolite Lyndsay instantly comforts with a peaty, honey and salted caramel sweetness, transporting you to snug library corners. A purists inspiration bottled free of additional colouring and chill filtration, Aerolite Lyndsay captures the Islay pilgrim’s imagination with its clever name which infact is an anagram of the words ‘ten year old Islay’. 


    Crafted to be approachable yet evocative,  the smoky Aerolite Lyndsay has been heralded as incredibly easy to drink amongst, Islay connoisseurs and noobs alike. Enjoyed best over a few cubes of ice, this Islay spirit lets you in on its decade old secrets and flavours.


    Tasting Notes: Aerolite Lyndsay opens with heavy peaty sweetness, transporting one instantly to the coasts – part smoked, part brine and seaweed on the nose, with notes of honey laden sweetness and spiced  paprika. On the palate this peated single malt unravels a sweet symphony of poached peach, hibiscus, smoky dark chocolate and honey making it a truly delicious dram with  soft oaky highlights and hints of grapefruit tartness.


    Straddling maritime smokiness with an inherent natural sweetness that layers on a distinct coastal minerality, the Aerolite Lyndsay lives up to its Islay lineage finishing with a crisp, creamy and  roasted caramel liquorice undertone and hints of  bonfire smokiness luring its drinkers to swiftly move to the next tipple.