Region - Jalisco, Tequila, Mexico


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    Arette is one of the few brands still made in the town of Tequila just on the outskirts of the regional capital Guadalajara. Managed by the Orendain brothers, fifth generation descendants of the country’s most acclaimed tequila family, the Arette Tequila carries in it a truly remarkable tequila legacy mastered over several generations.


    Made at the legendary El Llano, the third oldest tequila distillery in town, Arette Blanco is part of a heritage that commenced in the early 1900’s. As one of Tequila’s founding families, the authenticity of the spirit is at the core of the Orendian family’s craft from piña to palate.Estate bottled and produced in small batches to meet different tastes and preferences Tequila Arette creates a beautiful bouquet of Tequila experiences from the strong and pure Blanco to smoother Reposados and even the fine and aromatic Anejo.


    Made with agave that is high in fibre content and low in water adds a distinct aroma of citrus and herbs that are further enhanced on cooking the agave in pressure cookers. Revered as the region’s most artisanal tequila, Tequila Arette, named after a champion Mexican horse that won the London Olympics lives up to its’ strong champion antecedents in bars across the world.

    Arette Tequila

    38% Abv – 700ml

    Double distilled to 101 proof, Tequila Arette Blanco is an unmistakably smooth and strong sip. The sweet fragrance of honeyed agave opens floral notes on the nose intense smoky aroma of pepper, anise and cooked agave reveal the true heart of this unaged blanco.


    Tasting Notes: On the palate a fiery sip full of heat fades into a mellow but sweet agave finish characteristic of lowland agaves. A perfect balance of craft, heritage and value, the blanco reveals luminous well defined flavors that are immensely enjoyable on their own and heralded across the world by bartenders for its crisp character and mixability.