Armagnac Casterède

Region - Bas Armagnac, France


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    Maison Casterède is proud of its role as the memory-keepers of the Armagnac style of French brandy. Though often considered Cognac’s lesser known cousin, brandy from the Armagnac region is actually the oldest kind of French brandy, going back to more than 700 years. And founded in 1832, Casterède has the distinction of being the oldest French Armagnac trading house.


    Today, Casterède is deemed to be a living heritage company by the French state, and the sixth generation successor of the trading house, Florence Casterède, looks after the estate and distillery in the Bas-Armagnac region, oversees the activities of the award-winning Maison Casterède and travels far and wide to educate discerning drinkers about Armagnac.


    Though Armagnac and Cognac are both French brandies made from white wine grapes, Armagnac is distilled just once, retaining the characteristics of a vintage far more than the double-distilled Cognac. The result is a full-bodied and robust brandy that comes as a serendipitous surprise to most lovers of fine spirits.


    Tasting Armagnac is an art-form by itself, and will bring you so much closer to understanding why the great French poet Baudelaire once said that armagnac sings the “ecstasies of the mind and senses”. Always served at room temperature, Armagnac is poured into a tulip glass and the glass warmed slightly in the palm of the hand, all in order to release the fires of this fine spirit and bring out its memorable aroma. A fine Armagnac will be clear, varying in colour from pale yellow to fire red, depending on its age.

    Armagnac Casterède XO

    40% AbV, 700ml

    Named the World’s Best Armagnac in 2017, the Armagnac Casterède XO is an incomparable spirit from the Bas Armagnac region in Gers. Unlike the typical XO, the Casterède XO has been aged 20 years in oak barrels, making it a jewel among Armagnacs. Sweet, complex, and redolent with a rich, local flavour, this bottle is to be sipped and savoured slowly.


    Tasting Notes: Once the sweet, nutty nose of candied ginger and praline seduces your senses, the harmonious palate of grapes, oak, plum and nutmeg takes you further down the rabbithole of full-bodied flavour. A smooth, yet strong finish tinged with chocolate and spice makes this an immensely sippable and absolutely unforgettable drink. To fully appreciate this intense spirit, the Armagnac Casterède XO is best had as an aperitif, or at the end of a meal.