Region - Speyside, Scotland


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    Every story has a beginning, middle and an end, but Benromach is an exception, with a beginning, middle, end, and a new beginning.


    Founded in the year 1898 and situated North of Forres in Speyside and drawing its water from the Chapeltown springs, the distillery closed and reopened over the course of 1930s, and passed through a number of hands. In 1983, it was mothballed, until the Urquhart family took over.


    The Urquharts of Elgin have always been passionate about whisky. In 1915, when everyone else was blending their whiskies, John Urquhart was laying down casks of single malt at different distilleries. Over decades, the family accumulated a remarkable private collection of rare and beautiful aged single malts, under the legendary firm, Gordon & MacPhail.


    So when Gordon & MacPhail acquired the Benromach Distillery from United Distillers nearly a decade after it was closed, they began to restore it in 1997 and in 1998, the distillery was officially reopened by Prince Charles. The bottling of the new malt started in 2004.


    Benromach, couldn’t have had a more happy beginning.


    Before the mid 1960s, Speyside Distilleries malted their own barley which was lost to commercial settings in the swinging ‘60s. Gordon & MacPhail brought back this lost style of whisky. The barley is locally grown and malted with a little peat smoke, and the pure water is from Chapelton Spring, a couple of miles from the distillery. Their 3 distillers engage their senses in creating the perfect balance for the sweet medium-bodied spirit with a light touch of smoke, a traditional whisky by design. Nothing is hurried at Benromach – the creation, the fermenting or the maturation. With each high quality casks made to specifications, they are handfilled by the distillers. Every part of the production process is crafted and not automated.

    Benromach, 10 Years 

    43% Abv – 700ml

    Benromach 10 Years Old is a multi-award winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Matured 80% in ex-bourbon casks and 20% in ex-sherry casks for 9 years, the whisky is transferred to the European Oloroso sherry cask for the final year. The result is a beautifully balanced dram, displaying a rich Sherry character, summer fruit flavours, malt creaminess and a light peat smoke influence. At the World Whisky Awards 2014, Benromach 10 Years Old won the gold Medal in the “Best Speyside Single Malt – 12 Years and Under” category.


    Tasting Notes: The nose is rich Sherry with fruit & nut chocolate, delicate spice, green apple and a hint of peat. The taste starts off a wee bit nutty with a touch of charred oak and malt, and there’s also some fancy pineapple and kiwi. The finish is medium with a lingering sweet sherry note and a toasted malt.

    Benromach, 30 Years 

    43% Abv – 700ml

    Benromach 30 Year Old is crafted by the previous owners of the distillery, before its 1983 shut down. This whisky made exclusively from malted barley, was milled and mashed before being fermented in the distillery’s wooden washbacks made of European Larch.


    Tasting Notes: Aged for 30 years in the first-fill and refill sherry casks, this rich, elegant, old expression is a prized addition to your collection. The initial rum and raisin notes, with a delicate vanilla edge, give way to smooth peach and nectarine fruit flavours mingling beautifully with toasted malt. The palate has hints of rich sherried Christmas cake with a touch of marzipan, and mixed spices. It’s deliciously smooth, creamy, with a hint of peat smoke and has a long mouth warming finish.