Region - Cognac, France


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    The uniqueness of the House of Delamain lies in its commitment to the craftsmanship involved in the crucial operations of cognac making – right from purchasing the eaux-de-vie, ageing, blending and reducing it. As befits the legendary lineage of James Delamain, its current descendants Patrick Peyrelongue and his cousin Charles Braastad, have remained faithful to the true spirit of the House of Delamain – all the preparatory methods are carried out by hand and commerce takes a backseat in the relentless quest for quality. After the finest eaux-de-vie has been selected from the terroirs of Grande Champagne, it is then aged in old 350 litres French oak barrels amidst the ideal conditions in the House of Delamain’s cellars on the banks of the Charente river. Such is the extraordinary consistency of a cognac from the House of Delamain that it continues to win appreciation and accolades from leading connoisseurs all over the world.


    40% AbV – 700ml

    This is a blend of various old Grande Champagne cognacs, appropriately aged and then matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks. It is so named because in appearance it is much paler than other cognacs of this age and ‘dry’ because it has only its natural sweetness.


    Tasting Notes: Its bouquet is characterized by the powerfulness and length of the intensely floral aromas backed by the distinctive vanilla of its rancio. Its mellow roundness on the palate blossoms into a full bodied fruitiness with a slight, harmonious hint of liquorice.