Region - Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands


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    In 1975, Fred Van Zuidam built his one copper pot still distillery in Holland, the historical home of gin. What started as a 300 sq. meter Zuidam Distillery has since grown to occupy a 3500 Sq. Mtr. distillery with four copper stills and is located in Baarle-Nassau on the Dutch –Belgian border. Fred runs the distillery with his sons Patrick and Gilbert, and though he has handed over much of the business to them, he continues to keep a watchful eye on his establishment.


    Based on the traditional Dutch model of distilling, it is the only independent distillery in the world that mills all their grains using the windmills. A decisively old-school feel from start to finish, they create their products in the traditional artisanal way. All ingredients are 100% natural and are carefully selected and processed into the most beautiful products, where each recipe has been developed by the father and son team.


    Naming their gin ‘Dutch Courage’ after the Thirty Years War with the English soldiers, the DUTCH COURAGE DRY GIN is a rich dry gindemonstrating a great balance of the botanicals, full-bodied and perfect.


    44.5% AbV – 700ml

    A variety of international botanicals– Italian juniper berries and orris root, Moroccan coriander, fresh Spanish oranges and lemons, Indian liquorice root, Srilankan cardamom and angelica roots, Madagascar vanilla beans, are each distilled separately in a 850 litre antique copper still and then blended with the neutral grain spirit.


    This results in a highly complex, fresh and flavorful gin, with a layered taste. Dutch Courage Dry Gin has won several awards, and picked up the Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge.


    Tasting Notes: The nose is well-rounded with fresh citrus, juniper earth tones with a hint of spice and vanilla. The palate is invigorating with a burst of citrus, and is followed by the rich spicy character notes of anise, herbs, coriander and juniper. A mouth-watering finish, that is intense and moderately long. It can make a deliciously fresh G&T, or a perfect dry martini.