Years ago I would be labelled an enthusiast of fine spirits. To be precise, my journey started with whiskies, so a whisky enthusiast. Today, when I am introduced to someone, I am called a connoisseur of fine spirits. Does this matter? I feel that in every enthusiast there is a connoisseur, and in every connoisseur there is an enthusiast. So, from the larger perspective, this does not matter at all.


What truly matters is, are you going deeper or wider? As an enthusiast, the journey might start with going wider, trying out different spirits from different regions, being interested in brands, labels etc. But there comes a time, when the journey moves from horizontal (spreading wide) to vertical (exploring the depth), and this matters. It is pretty much like travelling. Initially when you get your passport, you wish to get as many stamps of different countries as possible. And then starts the actual travelling, when all you wish to do is go to one place, stay there for a couple of weeks at least, and explore the underbelly of that place, get to the heart of the place.

Similarly with spirits.

If you enjoy tasting artisan spirits, I encourage you to go deeper. Each craft spirit has multiple variables attached to it –  from creating harmony with ingredients; understanding the terroir; knowing how wood and alcohol interact, and then, with all these variables of the externals, a passionate distiller walks in and adds his experience, his history, his intention, his discoveries, into it, before the spirit gets created and bottled.

So, for the enthusiast in you, and for the connoisseur in you, how about some real journeys with your fine spirits – of the vertical/deeper type? If you have any questions on how to take this forward, reach out to me and it would be my pleasure to guide you, or be a part of it.

Here is a suggested reading: `Spirits Distilled’ by Mark Ridgewell. Not an easy find, but if you manage to source it, a wonderful treat.

To going deeper in 2020, not just wider.

Keshav Prakash

A cold-compounded Gin workshop curated by The Vault.

An extension of going deeper with the audience, in their understanding and experience of the world of gins.

A hands-on immersion in cold compounding that members of the audience explored, infused, created a ruckus, and bottled.

A celebration of handcrafted gin cocktails, designed for diverse palates, combined with just the right ingredients sourced from across the world. 


Gin gatherings are easy, highly relaxed, fun and lead to exciting conversations, which is why maybe there are so many incredible gins that continue to be released, as they encourage camaraderie.


An evening, where I loved doing what we at The Vault love doing most – sharing stories, curating fine experiences, and toasting to life with others, with the best of spirits in our hands and in our hearts.


Contact us at concierge@vaultfinespirits for similar, immersive, bespoke experiences.