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    Alexandre Koiransky found his first job on Google. The gig was selling Cognac door to door in the Southside of Chicago. The French guy from Versailles soon grew tired of that job.


    Alexandre fell in love with the African American culture and its exceptional people. He wanted to have a greater impact than selling expensive bottles to people who could barely afford it. He hit upon the idea of applying the fair-trade philosophy to spirits. The first step was seeking out Fairtrade certified ingredients – Bolivian quinoa for make vodka, Uzbek Juniper berries for gin, Mexican coffee for liqueur. That’s how the journey of FAIR began. The name was an obvious choice.


    FAIR’s products are distilled in Cognac, and Alexandre initially had a hard time convincing local people about his idea – one fair trade ingredient per spirit. FAIR sources ingredients from all around the globe. The ingredients come home to Cognac where Master Brewer and Distiller, Philip Laclie, works on them to create award-winning spirits.


    FAIR is the world’s first Fairtrade-certified alcohol brand. The company behind FAIR is Ethical Wine and Spirits, an independent fine spirits producer established in 2009.


    22 % ABV – 700ml

    Another winner from FAIR, this chestnut brown liqueur is one of the most refined in the market. As with the other spirits, FAIR sources Arabica coffee beans from a co-op — of over 1,900 independent farmers in the Huatusco region of Veracruz, Mexico. The sugar used is also Fairtrade-certified and comes from co-ops in Belize and Paraguay.


    The coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out their aromatic properties and that extra flavour of coffee and hazelnut, and then infused in vodka to intensify their character, before being bottled in Cognac.


    The liqueur has won a host of awards including: Master Medal at Liqueur Masters 2019, Silver Medal at BTI Chicago 2017and Best tasting liqueur at New York Spirits Awards2017.


    Enjoy it on its own, or explore its versatility in cocktails like an Espresso Martini.


    Tasting Notes: The amber brown liqueur is full-bodied and has the pungent aroma of roasted coffee with chocolate and fudge coming through. The flavour profile is strongly nutty with hazelnut on a mocha and chocolate palate. The roasted coffee finish is bitter and fades into nougat.