Festival and holiday season is also about allowing for new things to enter our lives – new year, new relationships, new beginnings, new crops of the season, new fashion of the season, new furnishing, new collections, the list goes on, and all this because, it not only implies a celebration, but also a new aura to envelop us. There is an excitement, an enthusiasm that flows with something new, fresh, novel, different, unique, that breaks routine and monotony. It brings people together with a different energy. Families come together, friends come together, new people meet in such gatherings for the first time, new comers into the family get to know others better. So there is so much that festivals, rituals, ceremonies, and holiday seasons bring with them. This is a part of our human culture.
This year, we at The Vault, were finally able to make new imports after a year and half, and right in time for the festive and holiday season. I have joyously handpicked each of these exquisite handcrafted spirits, from around the world, that has added excitement and spring to the steps of the entire team. In other words, we have an entire range of new collection at The Vault.

As you explore this and choose your spirits, as a host, as a guest, as someone who wishes to sit in solitude and nose-sip-savour, our entire team wishes those of you who celebrate Diwali, a safe, fun-filled and joyous one. And for many of you for whom Diwali isn’t a part of your family celebration, we invite you to enjoy the holiday season with your near and dear ones, toasting to good weather, friendships old and new, year end, and more.

Keshav Prakash & The Vault Team


  • A fantastic Speyside GlenAllachie Scottish Whisky
  • A Limited Edition Plantation Dark Rum
  • An excellent Cotswolds Wildflower Gin
  • Two flagship Summerful & Winterful Gins of Martin Millers
  • A poetic Jardin gin from Citadelle
  • A highly crafted Rum brand, Twin Fin, and their exotic Coconut- Lychee Rum & Spiced Golden Rum
  • And finally an Organic Fair Brand with their organic-sugarfree-glutenfree Quinoa based Vodka, Gin, and Café Liqueur.

To read more about each of them, download the PDF below

If you wish to  gift from The Vault Collection, you can write to us on:
concierge@vaultfinespirits.com or WhatsApp on +91 9819006966


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