Gin Mare

Region - Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain


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    Located in Vilanova, an ancient fishing village between Costa Brava and Costa Dorado, the Gin Mare distillery, christened after the word ‘sea’ in Italian, is born from a pure Mediterranean environment. Here, they embrace a very unique way of life, where time runs differently than the rest of the world. Not for them the rushed, short-cuts adopted by most of the industry. Instead, the Gin Mare Distillery proudly chooses to distill each of its botanicals individually after steeping them for a period of twenty four hours. The authentic blending which follows, allows for all the characteristics of each botanical to be expressed in the final product.

    Gin Mare

    42.7% Abv – 700ml

    Gin Mare is literally steeped in history; it is distilled in a pot still that resides in an XVIII century chapel. This beautiful chapel was transported stone by stone from its actual location and entirely reconstructed inside the distillery. Truly Mediterranean in essence; the four principal botanicals used in the Gin Mare’s blend are the Arbequina olive (the only type in the world with its own denomination of origin), Grecian thyme, Italian basil and Turkish rosemary. These four ingredients when united with juniper, coriander, cardamom and citrus provide a unique, artisan gin which is bottled with a cap that provides the ideal 50 ml. measure.


    Relish the ultimate Gin & Tonic with Gin Mare, premium tonic, an abundance of ice and a sprig of rosemary.


    Tasting Notes: The nose has balanced notes of juniper and herbaceous notes derived from the thyme and rosemary, a hint of pine harmoniously balanced with aromas of tomato plants and olives. It is full bodied with expressions of fresh coriander on the palate evolving quickly to spicier notes originating from the thyme, rosemary and basil. The finish is long with a delicious aftertaste of the Arbequina olives with cardamom and basil.