Handblown Glass Pipette


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    They call the Glencairn Glass ‘the world’s favourite whisky glass’. Now it has a companion. 


    Scottish crystal company Glencairn Crystal Studio launched the robust and functional Glencairn Glass to allow whisky drinkers to appreciate the nose and palate of the spirit. The glass won awards across the world, selling 3.5 million units, and becoming the ‘official’ glass for whisky. 


    Recently, they launched a companion product: Glencairn Pipette. 


    The elegant handblown glass pipette is designed to complement the Glencairn Glass. The pipette is weighted at the top with a miniature Glencairn Glass and its length fits that of the glass. It has a control-aperture at the upper end and holds 1 cm of water allowing users to be precise with their dilution. It is believed that adding water to whisky can open up the aromas and flavours, significantly improving the tasting experience. 


    Scott Davidson, Glencairn Crystal’s new product development director said the idea to introduce the Glencairn Pipette came after listening to Glencairn Glass community of followers. “We are always open to feedback and new ideas and after listening to our customers, we are delighted to introduce the new Glencairn Pipette as the perfect partner to the Glencairn Glass. For those who love a splash of water with their whisky, our pipette will enable the drinker to add a little drop at a time and will prevent the risk of drowning their favourite dram with too much!”


    The lead-free crystal pipette catches light very well, weighs just 8 gms and sits comfortably in the hand, making it a classy water dispenser bound to turn heads on when presented with your favourite whisky. 


    Be it for your personal tasting, or as a gift, the Glencairn Pipette adds a new dimension to the whisky experience, and you can even pair the gift with the Glencairn Glass, just the perfect set, to make any whisky drinker happy.