Region – Campbeltown, Scotland


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    The oldest independent family-owned distillery, Springbank is in the heart of old Scotch-making territory, Campbeltown. Founded in 1828 on the very location where Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still stood, the Springbank legacy is proudly continued by his great great great grandson, Hedley G. Wright. An inimitable legacy that finds its way into every bottle of whisky it produces. Springbank commands respect from whisky aficionados the world over for its attention-to-detail and traditional production methods that guarantee the finest spirits.The pure mineral-laden springs from the Beinn Ghuilean mountain that feed the distillery also lend to its reputation.


    The distillery’s single malt whiskys — Springbank, Hazelburn, and Kilkerran — are made using three different production methods, and lauded as the most handmade in Scotland, with single every step of the traditional floor malting, maturation and bottling carried out within the premises.

    Hazelburn, 10 Years

    46% AbV – 700 ml

    This unpeated, triple-distilled, 10-year-old malt was introduced in 2009 as a nod to the now-defunct Hazelburn distillery, which was at one time, was among the largest of the Campbeltown distilleries. Like other offerings from Springbank distillery, the distinctive Hazelburn is neither chill-filtered nor artificially coloured, and offers a smooth, amber Scotch worthy of contemplation.


    Tasting Notes: This subtle yet intense single malt announces its presence with a heady nose of stewed pears, baked apples and fudge. A honey and vanilla palate follows, hinting at citrus, spice and a nutty, oaky warmth. The finish is toffee-like and chocolatey with a complex, almost chewy, mouthfeel — a truly understated masterpiece.