Region - Northumberland, UK


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    Nestled in the heart of Britain’s last untouched sanctuaries and the Northumberland Moors, the Hepple estate is home to verdant ancient woodlands rich in biodiversity. Mindful of the slow heartbeat of its lands, Hepple’s experimental distillery uses bespoke techniques to create gins that allow botanicals to resonate with great clarity individually and in exceptional harmony together. Founded by a motley crew of botanical enthusiasts, drink smiths and distillers, Valentine Warner, Walter Riddel, Nick Strangeway and Chris Garden, Hepple’s strong juniper heart shines through in the spirit and in their forward-thinking sustainable juniper conservation programs.

    Hepple Gin

    45% Abv – 700ml

    Launched in October 2015, Hepple Gin pays homage to the land it comes from. Distilled for smoothness, freshness and depth of flavours, Hepple’s unique triple technique honours classic gin by pursuing its wild juniper core in its brightest, richest and most complete form. Rethinking the way gin is made, Hepple uses three varietals of juniper in a threefold distillation process – pot stills, vacuum distillation and CO2 extraction — distilling a truly spirited gin brimming over with the wild nature of Juniper and herbaceous flavours of the Moorland.


    Tasting Notes: Refreshing notes of spicy juniper with hints of citrus-tinged herbs reveal the herbaceous soul of Hepple Gin on the nose. When sipped, Hepple Gin begins with an earthy green piney-juniper flavour with hints of zest and lovage before hitting a classic clean tasting gin mid-palate. On the finish, fennel seed and celery lead into a long crisp juniper flavour complemented by sweet blackcurrant and liquorice all the way to the end.


    31 % ABV – 500 ml

    Launched in 2019, Hepple have taken the classic sloe gin and given it a rounded, intense and dry twist. The gin is a reflection of the land, seeking inspiration from the berries that grow wild on moorlands surrounding the distillery.


    Hepple’s high-fidelity distilling technique captures the true taste of ingredients. The heavier flavours like orris root, bog myrtle, Douglas fir, liquorice and angelica are distilled with the grain in a copper pot still. The second distillation, for freshness, is in a glass vacuum and is meant for the lighter flavours like black peppercorns, cloves, and bay leaves. The final super critical extraction is for depth of flavour obtained from three varieties of ripe juniper berries. The gin is rested on berries for over six months, then a little sweetening is added to make to create a rich, spicy spirit.


    This ruby red spirit has full fruity flavours that compliment mixers in different cocktails. Pair it with sherry and tonic, and a garnish of olives, or sip it over ice with orange peel garnish.


    Tasting Notes: The gin is full-bodied, intense with a dry edge. On the nose, it is bitter almond, with juicy stone fruit and an underlying perfume of cocoa. On sipping, there’s a strong presence of ripe plum juice and cherry with marzipan-like almond from the sloe, evolving into earthy notes of hawthorn and spicy juniper. The finish is succulent with lingering notes of juniper and sour cherry.