Region - Dala, Sweden


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    Situated in the quiet village of Dala, a place known for its natural beauty and perfect soil, Herno Gin is the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden. It all began with Jon Hillgren’s passion that took him to London, discovering the world of gin. When a friend told him ‘stop talking and start to act’, his wife Johanna and he raised funds through their immediate family and bought the 1800 century farm in Dala, launching the Herno Gin distillery in 2010.


    The success of Herno Gin in the international world is nothing short of any distiller’s dream. When it launched on 1st December 2012 at three local stores, people had queued up to get hold of the first bottles. In 2013, Herno Gin was the most awarded at The International Gin Masters, and it is today the most awarded gin in Europe.


    In September 2014, the distillery released Herno Old Tom Gin. This style of gins are a little sweeter and botanically more intense. A popular recipe of the 18th century England, the name ‘Old Tom’ apparently comes from the wooden plaques shaped like a black cat (an ‘Old Tom’), that were hung on the outside wall of some pubs above a public walkway.


    43% AbV – 500ml

    Made from the same distilled gin as the Herno Gin, it is crafted in hand hammered copper stills fondly named as ‘Kierstin’ and ‘Marit’. The gin contains natural and carefully selected organic botanicals including lingonberries from Sweden and vanilla from Madagascar, with an extra amount of Meadowsweet added during the distillation. After this, the spirit is diluted down to 43% along with a touch of honey produced at MittBi, less than 3 kms from the distillery, where the bees gather nectar from the northern forests and meadows.


    Herno Old Tom has been consistently awarded The World’s Best Old Tom.


    Tasting Notes: On the nose it is full-bodied with woody spice, followed by bright, juicy, juniper and floral notes. Though the sweetness is evident on the nose, the honey-d sweetness adds to the smooth texture on the palate, with floral notes of pine flowers. The finish brings up the woody spice and long-lasting juniper, with the floral sweetness, making it a delicious Old Tom Gin.

    Hernö Sloe Gin

    30% Abv – 700ml

    Made by steeping organic sloe berries in Hernö gin for over three months, Hernö Sloe gin is a beautiful ruby red expression that’s mixes well in a gin and tonic, yet tastes just right poured over ice as well. Infused with the gentle dryness of sloe, Hernö’s juniper-forward gin is a Swedish twist on an old English classic that’s masterfully sweetened with local honey to achieve a delightful balance that lingers on long after the last sip.


    Tasting Notes: Soft, floral notes of berries and vanilla open into nutty woody notes as flavours on the palate move from a jammy sweetness to a dryer mid-palate mouthfeel with hints of meadowsweet. The finish offers a creamy nuttiness and a gentle but lingering tartness.