Region – Normandy, France


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    Located in the heart of Pays D’Auge, the Calvados Christian Drouin estate gates open into ambling apple orchards, 17th century half-timbered structures, and manors that house its picturesque distillery. Set up in 1960, the family-run distillery preserves Normandy’s great tradition of craft Calvados, with over 30 varietals of apples in its artisanal blends of apple brandy. The apple orchards also find expression in the distillery’s eclectic offerings of traditional French spirits; cider, Peary, Pommeau de Normandy and yes, even gin.


    Guillaume Drouin, a third generation Drouin, developed his passion for gin while promoting Calvados among mixologists from Europe’s best bars. Over there, his experimentations inspired him to marry the aromatic expressions of gin with the apple varietals from his estate. And voila, Le Gin was born, a child of two great drink-making traditions.


    40% AbV – 700ml

    The highly-awarded Calvados Selection from the Domfort region of Calvados is made from a unique mix pears and apples in the region, which gives the drink a distinctly fruity expression. Often considered the entry spirit into the world of Calvados, the Christian Drouin Calvados Selection makes a delightful after-drink aperitif and a fruity, flavoursome addition to a cocktail.


    Tasting Notes: The fresh pear aroma strikes the first note when sipping on Calvados Selection. Apple and pear flavours follow in the palate, with floral and cider hints and baking spice bringing the orchard harvest alive. A sweet, light and slightly herbaceous finish reminiscent of citrus and apple seeds brings up the rear in this thoroughly satisfying drink.