Mancino Vermouth

Region - Piedmont, Italy


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    For those who love fine spirits, the renowned bartender Giancarlo Mancino is a familiar face. Not many, however, are familiar with his passion for the Italian vermouth. A passion that has grown out of many years of exploration and research, it fueled his travels across the world for four years since 2008, looking for botanicals in places as far-fung as Thailand, India, Vietnam, England and Italy. The trip culminated in the careful selection of 40 botanicals that were ground for 30 days in a traditional Italian family mill in Piedmont, steeped in sugar beet spirit and then added to a Trebbiano di Romagna wine base, and rested for six months in stainless steel tanks before being bottled and released as Mancino Vermouth.


    Ask any mixologist about the secret ingredient that transforms martinis and cocktails and they’ll whisper the same name to you — vermouth. Like its partner in crime, the gin, this fortified wine is also aromatised with herbs and spices, and is all the more memorable for it. Top that off with the tender loving care that Mancino has lavished upon it, mixed with his long years of expertise in crafting cocktails and fine spirit experiences, and you’ll understand why each one of Mancino’s five vermouths defines the word unforgettable.

    Mancino Vermouth Secco

    18% Abv – 750ml

    19 botanicals ranging from sage to marjoram to oregano, along with a Trebbiano di Romagna wine, forms the base of this clear, dry vermouth. Enjoy this breezy stunner with in a dirty martini topped with an olive for a herby, briney taste explosion on a carefree evening.


    Tasting Notes: The aromas of lemon grass, sweet iris and delicate dogwood are the first notes on the nose, making room for a sour, nutty palate of sharp pimento and warm nutmeg. The finish is crisp and spicy with a hint of bitter citrus — you’ll be reminded of the Provencal countryside. So, pour yourself a dry martini fortified with the herbaceous Vermouth Secco and sit back to enjoy the dry warmth of the Mediterranean in your glass.

    Mancino Vermouth Rosso

    16% Abv – 750ml

    Inspired by the bitter-sweet notes of Amaro, the popular Italian herbal liqueur, the Vermouth Rosso Amaranto is infused with 38 botanicals and added to a Trebbiano di Romagna wine base. The slightly medicinal, slightly syrupy flavour profile lends itself well to a Negroni or a Manhattan, making for a well-balanced, resonant cocktail.


    Tasting Notes: A hint of caramel, a mere suggestion of juniper and a striking note of rhubarb make the nose. The palate is soft and gentle with a subtle sweetness offered by vanilla and Christmas spices. Myrrh, chiretta and toasted oak balance out the sweetness with a hint of medicinal bitterness that softens into a smooth, lingering finish.