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    Inventor of his namesake gin, Martin Miller was a bon viveur and connoisseur of the finer things of life. Book writer and publisher, entrepreneur, founder of Miller’s Academy, and an iconoclast, he was curiosity personified.


    Early in 1998, Martin and his two friends David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh set themselves the challenge of producing the world’s finest gin, that ‘tasted great, even when drunk neat’ and in Martin’s words, ‘not of some highly flavored confection’. Insisting on selecting botanicals based on quality and not solely on regional provenance, this was the same rule across all processes at Langley’s Distillery – be it the traditional copper pot still that was made for them, or Martin’s demand that only the ‘heart’ of the spirits be used, and heads and tails be discarded, this was the first super premium gin on the market embodying the very best.

    Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin

    40% ABV – 700ml

    Martin Miller’s released their first seasonal, limited-edition gin as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations in 2020. The variation on their award-winning Martin Miller’s Gin comes with an herbaceous twist. The original gin’s two distillation process finds another step: the third distillation sees the addition of Arctic thyme and rosemary. Both ingredients emblematic of Iceland’s short summer and the English spring countryside.


    The Arctic thyme has a strong and sweet fragrance and distinctive floral and earthy notes that complement and balance out the lemony, piney aromas of rosemary. Wonderfully light and elegant, this gin works as a good base for cocktails like dry Martinis or a Southside. To complement the botanicals, turn it into a G&T with an herbal tonic, a sprig of rosemary and a wedge of grapefruit.


    The drink won a Silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition2021.


    Tasting Notes: Slightly minty on the nose, it has a distinct aroma of juniper and some floral and citric notes. There’s a smooth sweetness and balsamic notes on the palate, which opens up to summery floral flavours of lavender, sage and mint before ending with savoury thyme and coriander. Fruity, funky and spicy, this is an adventurous gin for those who like unusual flavours.

    Martin Miller’s WINTERFUL Gin

    40% ABV – 700ml

    Step into the best of English and Icelandic winters with this citrus forward, spiced winter gin. It pays tribute to the brand’s heritage, English distilled gin blended with pure Icelandic glacier water. The warming gin was released in 2021 as partner to the other seasonal variant, the Summerful gin.


    For their original gin, Martin Miller uses a twin distillation process, distilling the juniper and earthier elements, and then the citrus elements separately before combining them. This gin uses botanicals inspired by ingredients used in mulled wine like cinnamon, orange peel, and cardamom; they are added in the third distillation.


    The gin makes for smooth, easy sipping that’s ideal for winter fireside evenings. It works equally well hot — mulled or a punch with cinnamon and orange, or cold —with a spiced tonic, or ginger ale.


    Expectedly from the company that’s received the most gin awards, the Winterful gin picked up Silver and Bronze at International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021, and Silver from the Beverage Tasting Institute.


    Tasting Notes: Opening the bottle reveals intense mandarin and mellow juniper notes. The sharp cinnamon comes to fore on the palate, with a burst of sweet citrus and soft cardamom, and mandarin appearing again at the end. The medium-long finish has rich citrus balanced with soft pepper and cinnamon accents.