Meteoro Mezcal

Region - Sur Sierra, Oaxaca, Mexico


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    Christened after the legend of mezcalero who used a meteor crater to cook his fresh agave piñas, Meteoro Mezcal is an artisanal spirit rigorously crafted according to Oaxaca traditions.


    Handpicked espadin agave piñas, slow-roasted in oven pits imbibe an unmistakable smokiness from the red-hot river stones and mesquite wood before being crushed in huge mule drawn stone grinder called the tahona. Every step of the Meteoro Mezcal’s journey from piña to palate is handcrafted painstakingly over months to ensure that inimitable mezcal worthy of having “Fallen from the skies” Crushed piñas fermented in cypress vats for two months before being double distilled in copper pot stills reveal an earthy and complex mezcal that lives up to its Joven status in the hierarchy of mezcals.


    A high quality hand made mezcal that’s bottled in an apothecary inspired packaging, the Meteoro is a true testimony to the magic of handmade – innately local, purely organic and immensely flavourful.

    Meteoro Mezcal

    45% Abv – 700ml

    Don Petronillo Roasario Altamirano’s all natural mezcal has captured the imaginations of patrons and drinksmiths across the world. It’s artisanal soul shines through in every bright and bold sip, making its impressive legend of “falling from the sky” a fitting celebration of its taste.


    Tasting notes: On the palate, Meteoro reveals a peppery sip with hints of roasted cinnamon and star anise in the mouth as a distinctly smoky and fruit flavor envelopes the palate. Aromatic and complex, all at the same time, Meteoro is a little creamy on the palate that finishes with the fine sweetness of citrus peel and white pepper. Intense and highly enjoyable, neat, Meteoro Mezcal also opens itself to beautiful margaritas and cocktails.