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    Where others saw fine spirits as a drink to be poured into a glass and sipped, Keshav Prakash could hear the murmurs of long forgotten tales that hung in wisps around every single bottle of fine spirit. The stories of its land, its culture, the artisans who had slipped in a little bit of themselves into the spirits they had crafted.


    This fascination of his for the untold and unsung histories led him on a journey to far off lands (Guyana, Guadalajara, Haiti, Kentucky, France, England and of course Scotland) in search of these fine spirits and their distillers.


    During his travels, the `maestros of fine spirits’ Charles MacLean, Dave Broom and Tomas Estes, considered as legends in their respective fields, further fueled Keshav’s passion by sharing with him their knowledge of the most boutique and rare spirits sourced from the remotest corners of the world.


    Back home when Keshav decided to share these experiences with other like-minded people, it seemed destined that he would team up with the one person, who had nurtured his dream, his wife, Anjan.


    And thus The Vault was born.


    It offers a never before curated collection of artisanal whiskies, rums, tequilas, cognacs, gins and other world spirits. Handcrafted. And handpicked.


    The Vault also offers intimate and thoughtfully designed Tasting Sessions, where Keshav Prakash and the team gently but deftly lead the guests on a journey of  discovering the hidden stories in each bottle poured into the glass, peppered with interesting anecdotes and full of surprises.


    In 2019, The Vault launched ‘The Vault Biennale’, India’s first edition of a highly curated fine spirits festival, to nurture a discerning culture of fine spirits appreciation in India, thereby opening the doors for conversations, tastings and discussions between global masters of fine spirits and our country’s own connoisseurs and enthusiasts.




    Founder-Curator, The Vault

    Keshav Prakash’s love for sharing stories began with still photography, that led him into a twenty year career in cinematography, before his curiosity for learning about fine spirits, brought him into the heartland of all the countries that produce them.


    His interaction with experts, his visit to the distilleries to meet the creators of the spirits and understand their production process, a distillation program with the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, an immersive study of Cognac with BNIC (France) certifying him as India’s first Cognac Educator, a lifetime induction into the Whisky Hall of Fame as the `Keeper of the Quaich’, as well as into the International Gin Build, London, adds to his keen attention in picking the right spirits in each category, and creating world class experiences with them.


    All this, because his dream is to often sit together with a community of fine spirits lovers and explorers, share stories, celebrate distillers, and nose-sip-savour delicious spirits.


    Co-Founder-Creative Director, The Vault

    Anjan Prakash’s love for adventure and celebrating Life in all its forms, led her into a sixteen year career with Ogilvy Advertising, followed by co-founding a production house making TV commercials, before her calling to serve the natural world became stronger.


    By acquiring her Masters in Science in Biomimicry in 2019, and as Asia’s first woman to become a Biomimicry Professional, Anjan parallelly trained and received certification in Leadership Training and Organizational Consulting in USA. Currently she joyfully wears two hats, one as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Vault, to which she brings her skills of leadership, design and strategic communication, and the other as a Writer and Designer of Nature-Inspired Learning Projects to bring the rich wisdom of the natural world to others.


    She enjoys very much being at the table of fine spirits lovers along with Keshav to nose-sip-savour the delicious spirits, listening to the stories and conversation.