Region - Bridgetown, Barbados


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    Alexandre Gabriel is no stranger to terroir, turning around the once sagging fortunes of Maison Ferrand, one of the oldest spirit brands in the Cognac region. His foray into Carribean rums had a similar inspiration: “I love authentic products that express the personality of the land that grew them.”


    In the 1990s, he discovered the rums of Carribean and Latin America when selling some of his cognac casks to rum producers. The diverse regional expressions captivated him. “At that moment I knew in my heart that we could perfect the methods of aging in wood casks that we knew so well from producing Cognac. Voila, the idea for Plantation is launched.”


    Today, Alexandre has been awarded Master Blender in the “World’s Best” rum awards, Plantation Rums being recognised for its authentic rum expressions that pay particular homage to the exotic individual terroirs of Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica. Alexandre and the team at Plantation believe in nurturing a rum the way one nurtures a child, with techniques that marry the Carribean methods of rum-making with the continental practices of cognac production. The result — finely crafted terroir rums filled with heritage and character.

    Plantation Original Dark Rum

    42% ABV – 700ml

    In homage to the traditional sugarcane plantation rums of Barbados and Jamaica, this robust, double aged rum is a revelation to your senses. The spicy, grassy complexity of its terroirs offers a counterpoint to the funk of its ester-rich blend. As Alexandre notes, “this is a rum made like rum used to be made, when it was full of flavours.” This multiple award-winning expression is so used to stealing the limelight, you’d just have to sit back and enjoy the showmanship behind this glorious drink.


    Tasting Notes: Rich, complex and aromatic, the Plantation Original Dark Rum weaves its Caribbean magic with a nose of sugarcane, peppercorn, oak and citrus, and lingering notes of foresty peat and tea. On the palate, the most striking note is fruity, with raisins and pineapple. The finish hints at baking spices and tropical fruits.

    Plantation 3 Star White Rum

    41.2% ABV – 700ml

    The winner of the 2018 Rum XP Gold Medal, Plantation 3 Star has been wowing rum-drinkers with its perfect marriage of three of the Caribbean’s finest terroirs — Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. While Barbados delivers the richness, Trinidad offers the finesse and Jamaica packs the punch.


    Tasting Notes: On the nose you’ll discover the play of sweetness and richness — brown sugar, honey and coffee with lingering notes of baking spices. The biscuity palate is at once light-bodied and mellow, with dark chocolate, root beer and egg cream highlighting its smooth, tropical warmth. The finish is smooth and fast, and goes down easy in a daiquiri or mojito, though this versatile expression makes for a great sipping rum too.

    PLANTATION Xo 20th Anniversary

    40% ABV – 700ml

    To honour Alexandre Gabriel’s 20th anniversary as Master Blender, Plantation created this extraordinary vintage that is a wonderful reflection of the island of Barbados.


    The rum is distilled in twin column and pot still. It gets its smoothness and complexity from the centuries-old double ageing process — first in bourbon casks in Barbados and then sent across the ocean in barrels to France (home of Plantation’s owner and Cognac producer, Pierre Ferrand) for further maturation in Ferrand French oak casks.


    Over a decade after its launch, this rum continues picking up awards — Gold Medals, Double Gold, Spirit of the Year, best in the Class in competitions across the world.  The Beverage Testing Institute awarded it 94 points in 2009, and it racked up 94/100 at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2015.


    The rum is super smooth, and sweet and makes for a great sipping rum. The afterburn lingers a touch.

    Tasting notes: The island spirit has a stunning floral and fruity opening aroma releasing rich fragrances of vanilla, toasted coconut, banana, guava and spicy oak. The spices waft up through the glass as it rests. The rum has a sophisticated palate that’s sweet, spicy, oaky, and creamy. It starts off gently sweet with cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla notes reminiscent of cake, with some banana, coconut and hints of fresh mango. It has a long finish, smooth with sweet spices complementing the toasty oak.