Rock Rose

Region – Caithness, Scotland


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    Housed in Caithness, at the far north end of Scotland, Dunnet Bay Distillery

    is a an ode to the provenance of the Scottish Highlands, co-managed by husband and wife duo, Martin and Claire. What’s unique to the distillery is their unfettering commitment to local hand foraged botanicals across the distillery’s extraordinary and celebrated spirits. 


    As UK’s most northerly mainland distillery, Dunnet Bay Distillery enjoys the prime position on the North Coast 500 and is amongst the most visited attractions in Caithness.  A cultural hotspot, the distillery is impeccably designed at a restored 20th century cattle shed designed by the couple themselves featuring unique heritage and tasting experiences and events.


    Known globally for its 2015 launch, Rock Rose Gin, hand distilled with traditional Scottish, local botanicals and ingredients , foraged from cliffs and forests of Caithness, the distillery also produces Holy Grass Vodka that features many traditional herbaceous flavours from across Dunnet and northern most points of Scotland.


    41.5% AbV – 700ml

    The pride of Caithness, Rock Rose is a multi-award winning, proud Scottish spirit that is infused with the local bounty of the stunning locales of Dunnet Bay. Handcrafted in traditional copper pot stills with an enchanting bouquet of  locally foraged botanicals off the cliffs, coasts and nearby forests. Meticulously picked, hand foraged sea buckthorn, Rowan berries, Verbena, blueberries and the Rhodiola Rosea come together to bring  a nuanced and balanced experience to this exceptional spirit. 


    Rhodiola Rosea found on the rocky Caithness cliffs is the inspiration for the gin’s name and was in fact believed to have been pillaged by the Vikings for strength and long life. It is said that the couple’s 56th experiment of the recipe gave birth to this critically acclaimed gin that captured the world’s interest and patronage of its’ beautiful flavours.


    For a perfect tropical pour, try Rock Rose gin with  a hint of lime juice, sugar syrup and a generous pour of coconut water. Garnish with a wedge of lime and mint to let the good times begin. 


    Tasting Notes: On the nose, Rock Rose opens with the promise of a delicate bouquet of roses with hints of citrus and a deep lingering cardamom, inviting you to truly experience this exceptional offering from UKs northern most distillery. A floral full bodied gin explodes on the palate with berried fruity notes layered atop crisp juniper as it finishes on the sharp but delightful sea buckthorn flavour that lends it a distinct lemon sherbet finish.