Silent Pool

Region – Surrey, England


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    A craft distillery built by friends passionate about producing handcrafted artisanal spirits, Silent Pool Distillery beats with the heart of Surrey at the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, by the local hotspot known as Silent Pool. Vintage, artisanal and full of Surrey charm, the distillery is home to a hand built copper still and deeply committed to celebrating Surrey, sustainably.


    Ensconced in Surrey’s delightful rural beauty and natural abundance, the distillery is home to an extraordinary bouquet of spirits. Artisanal brandy, bespoke vodka and masterfully blended luxury gins bring to life the incredible untold stories of Surrey.


    43% AbV – 700ml

    A multi award winning gin, Silent Pool gin draws inspiration from the fable like natural beauty that surrounds its distillery. Handcrafted with a unique four stage process that includes bruising and macerating a portion of the 24 botanicals before transferring them to the still gives the gin an unmistakable mouthfeel and heavy flavour that’s truly unforgettable. Distilled with a bouquet of handpicked botanicals including Bosnian Juniper berries, cassia bark, bergamot , liquorice roots which are further elevated with a gin basket infusion hung in the neck of their still.  The basket lifts this delicious gin  with an infusion of Macedonian juniper, Polish Angelica, fresh oranges giving this delectable spirit its’  rich citrus heart.


    Its’ unique process includes a Gin tea infusion, with delicate botanicals like rose petals, linden, kaffir lime leaves and elderflower which lend ethereal notes of perfumed floral lime essence to this Gold winner of IWSC 2020 award.


    Bright, floral and with an elaborate depth of flavours, Silent Pool gin is beautiful and complex beckoning gin lovers across the world.


    A smooth and extremely rewarding spirit, sipped neat on ice , we would recommend trying a G&T with a twist of orange peel for to truly feel the heart of Surrey come alive in every sip.


    Tasting Notes: Beautifully complex with notes of lavender, sweet citrus and spice on the nose, Silent Pool Gin, weaves a refined allure once out of its gorgeous jade hued bottle. Its full bodied rich and heavy flavours jump right out on first sip with bold citrus and velvety honey highlights enhanced by notes of aniseed and chamomile on the palate.


    The lure of its luxurious mouthfeel, unravels the untold stories of Surrey  leading to a silky, warm finish of vanilla, honey, with a hint of mint.


    43% AbV – 700ml

    Crafted with the world’s rarest citrus fruits, Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, is masterfully blended to entice and impress. Subtly sweet, beautifully aromatic and unabashedly citrus at heart, this Rare Citrus Gin from Silent Pool Distillers brings together unique citrus ingredients such as Green Seville Orange, Natsu Dai Dai, Buddha’s hand and Hirado Buntan from across the globe to create a gin that  brings a lively complexity to every sip.  


    Distinctive with its’ heart of pomelos, mandarins oranges and classic juniper Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, is an unforgettable treat that’s blended not flavoured, promising an uniquely evocative experience full of depth and beauty.


    For a signature serve, simply enjoy with a generous handful of ice, tonic and a twist of grapefruit, because the gin is all you need to set the stage ablaze with glorious citrus stories of the world. To take it up a notch try a negroni but with a higher ratio of gin to let it shine through. A dash of vermouth, Campari on ice with 40ml Silent Pool Rare Citrus and a grapefruit twist will introduce the handpicked  flavours of the world in every sip.


    Tasting Notes: Beautifully aromatic, on the nose, Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin opens with strong juniper along with effervescent citrus and peppery smoky leafy spice.


    As you sip on , fresh, zesty and vibrantly exotic fruit and floral flavours open to a fragrant citrussy top note on the palate, gently enticing you to explore its bold citrus heart. Unravel top notes of sherbet lemon, rich mandarin, enticing further onto the lingering honeyed sweetness of Hirado Buntan from Japan. Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin finishes with a peppery warmth on the palate as the citrus lingers, beckoning another sojourn into the extraordinary layers of the Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin.