Region - Campbeltown, Scotland


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    Springbank distillery, located in Campbeltown, is unique in more than one way. The only distillery in Scotland to carry out the entire production process on one site, this oldest independent family owned place was founded in 1828 on the very location where Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still stood. Today the Springbank distillery is proudly and legally run by his great great great grand son, Hedley G. Wright. It produces the most handmade single malt in Scotland with every step of the traditional floor malting, maturation and bottling being carried out at the distillery itself. No artificial colourings are added to a Springbank Whisky (distilled two and a half times) nor is it ever chill filtered.


    And as for the water source which is so crucial to the out come of a single malt, Springbank’s waters can be traced back to the pure, mineral laden springs that find their way down the northern slopes of the 1155 feet high Beinn Ghuilean mountain. And last but not the least, Springbank is probably the only distillery that produces three different single malts using three different production methods.

    Springbank, 10 Years 

    46% Abv – 700ml

    The perfect introduction to the Springbank range, the 10 Year Old is matured mostly in bourbon casks, emphasising the distillery’s character; the 10 Year Old is considered by many to be Springbank in its purest form with its salty, briny flavour. Complexity is the key word here. Yet the combination of this Springbank matured in bourbon and sherry casks remains perfectly balanced from first sip to the full, rich finish.


    Tasting Notes: The experience starts with a nose of orchard fruit (pear) with a hint of peat, vanilla and malt, a palate of malt, oak, spice, nutmeg and cinnamon, vanilla essence and a finish that is sweet with a lingering salty tingle.