Region - Cornwall, UK


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    Established in 2012 by Tarquin Leadbetter, founder and master distiller, Southwestern distillery is the first Cornwall distillery in over a century. Overlooking the Cornish coast atop a windswept hill, Southwestern distillery champions an ethos that delicately balances the traditional with the modern. Southwestern is home to Tamara, Senera and Tressa, the three 250 litre hand beaten copper pot stills, and Ferara, the 500 litre copper still, all of which are still fired by flame in Tarquin’s gin making process.

    Tarquin’s Rhubarb and Raspberry

    38% Abv – 700ml

    Southwestern distillery’s flagship Tarquin’s Cornish gin is meticulously prepared in small batches before being infused with rhubarb and raspberry to create this limited-edition blush summer gin. A modern fruity twist to their award winning 12 botanical recipe, the ripe juicy raspberries and tart rhubarb lend a delectable fruity goodness to Tarquin’s award winning classic dry-gin.


    Tasting Notes: On the nose, the raspberry explodes with a delicious tartness and instantly sets in a fruity summery brightness that leads to a burst of lemon sherbet and crisp pine on the palate. A cinnamon spice kick mid-palate brings in warm and soothing flavours that balance the rhubarb and raspberry sweetness leading to a long smooth jammy finish with notes zesty lemon cutting in.


    42% Abv – 700ml

    Crafted on the Wild Cornish Coast with handpicked botanicals from exotic locales around the world, Tarquin’s flagship Cornish Dry Gin is the spirited base to the mesmerizingly zesty, Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower Gin from the Tarquin stable. 


    Infused with 18 botanicals, including locally foraged Elderflower, juicy pink Cornish grapefruit, Guatemalan cardamom, Moroccan Orris and almonds,  Violets from Devon and Cinnamon from Madagascar, this truly eclectic gin enchants in every bright and floral sip.


    Beautifully delicate and refined, a gin for the purists, Tarquin’s Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower is distilled a delicate bone dry gin, making it the perfect base to an unforgettable martini. But if you are really looking to immerse in the flavours then we’d recommend a side of Elderflower tonic and a slice of fresh pink grapefruit and ice to truly unlock its incredible flavours.


    Tasting Notes: Zesty, floral with lingering hints of soft juniper on the nose, Tarquin’s Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower Gin, unravels a subtle play of tangy spice on the palate. Candied citrus and carefully foraged elderflower, lure the palate to spritely grapefruit sorbet tart of on every sip. All and all a glorious spirit, lucid in all its floral brightness that finishes with a crisp tangy citrus that lures you back into its floral fruity goodness, sip on sip.


    38% Abv – 700ml

    A celebration of British strawberries on a base of Tarquin’s classic handcrafted Cornish gin, Tarquin’s Strawberry and Lime Gin is a zesty, zingy fruity gin full of flavour. Bringing a delicious symphony of candied strawberry and sweet marmalade with hints  of cracked black pepper on the palate, this fruit led dry gin is one for all things sunshine. Handcrafted in small batches and distilled with 14 hand-selected botanicals including wild British strawberries and fresh seasonal lime gins topped off with violets from Devon, this unique expression is Tarquin’s ode to the Cornish summer.


    We  recommend adding a dash of ice, mint and lemonade to truly celebrate its’ splendid  zingy sweetness.


    Tasting Notes: A profusion of wild strawberries on the nose with hints of soft juniper and black pepper, Tarquin’s Strawberry and Lime Gin is a scintillating treat from unbottling to sip.  On the palate a warm spice introduces notes of juniper, sweet orange blossom and zesty lime finishing with a luscious play of candied strawberry jam and sweet marmalade. Truly a pink hued ode to the Cornish sunshine.