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    Virtual | In-person Tasting & Masterclasses with our Founder – Keshav Prakash

    Whether as part of our master class or as stand alone sessions, Vault’s tasting sessions with Keshav Prakash, can open up a whole new world for you. Discover, why despite being termed as ‘tasting’ sessions, your taste buds are only of secondary importance when it comes to the sensory evaluation of any fine spirits be it whisky, cognac, gin or tequila.

    Did you know that though there are only five primary tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami), yet there are 32 primary aromas from which we build our sensory universe. And from therein, springs an entire new vocabulary of fine spirit tasting – winey, woody, sulphury, oaky, feinty, peaty, floral, fruity, cereal. Vault tasting sessions are curated to expand your knowledge about the infinite world of fine spirits.

    Founder – Keshav Prakash

    Six successful years on, and with the launch of India’s first fine spirits festival, The Vault Biennale, Keshav is today considered one of the leading experts and conductors of fine spirits experiences in India. His mission that he has nursed as long as he can remember – to pioneer a fine spirits culture in India, has indeed begun to change forever the way people look at fine spirits.

    Personalised Tasting Experiences:

    Lasting up to an hour and a half, our intimate tasting sessions are a world apart from de rigueur. Easy going, humorous, peppered with interesting anecdotes and full of surprises; you and your guests will find yourselves sharing your own fine spirits experiences with our founder Keshav Prakash and his team as they gently but deftly lead you on the journey of discovering the hidden stories in each bottle poured into your glass. Having travelled the world many times over in search of the finest spirits, Keshav’s nose is formidable, his smile is disarming while his eye for detail is legendary.

    Suffice to say, every Vault tasting session that you book will have involved a detailed discussion beforehand to ensure that all aspects of the experience is understood, to transport you and your guests to a magical realm.

    You can invite us to create any of the experiences we mention below, that resonates with you. And should you be tempted to gift our tasting experience for your partner, spouse, friend’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or for a reunion, you can call or email us, to help you customise a tasting experience best suited to the occasion:

    Virtual Tasting:

    If it is a virtual tasting, we will understand the occasion, your guest preferences, group-size, and then curate the entire tasting session to ensure that it feels like we are all sitting together and sharing the experience.

    If all your guests are from Mumbai, we can curate and design a surprise kit needs to reach your guests in advance, along with all the relevant instructions, so on the day and time of the tasting, we can plunge into the art of fine spirits appreciation and celebration.

    How to book an experience/tasting session?

    Given below is an example of the tasting experiences we can curate for you, along with the suggested group size to get the most of the experience. Go through them. We trust you will find one that resonates with you. And should you be tempted to gift our Personalised Tasting Experiences for your friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary or for a reunion, we can also customise a tasting experience best suited to the occasion.


    The intention here is to guide the guests into an immersion in any particular category of spirits of their choice – be it whiskies, rums, gins, cognac, tequila etc. A detailed discussion, sharing, conversation, and engagement with the audience, will allow each of the guests to interact, ask questions, and learn together. With Keshav Prakash’s expertise in each category and his widened `mixology’ understanding, the host/guests can choose any category of spirits, and the rest can be left to The Vault.


    We can also arrange personalised tasting sessions centered around your particular area of interest – as a virtual experience, or at your home, office or venue of your choice.


    For example:
    The Vault Essential Whisky Experience
    The Vault Fine Rum Experience
    Ultimate Gin & Mixology Experience
    Suggested Group Size: 8-12 guests


    Understand how the appropriate ingredients and choosing of the right fine spirits, are key to creating a cocktail that can be savoured. The host/guests can choose a category of fine spirits to explore mixology with, or choose 3 categories of fine spirits, and enjoy a highly curated cocktail of each. These fun, interactive sessions, have always left the guests not only with a better understanding of how ingredients work, but relishing their quality cocktails, spending the rest of the evening talking about their creations.


    Suggested group size:
    For an intimate experience: 8-12 guests
    For a grand celebratory experience: 20-60 guests


    Please note:
    – Depending on the size of the audience, the type of experience curated will vary, and so sharing this will be crucial in designing the tasting session.
    – The cost of the experience will be shared, after gathering all relevant details and the host/guests approving the customised experience suggested by The Vault.

    To enquire please get in touch with us:

    For Personal Gifting:

    Email: concierge@vaultfinespirits.com

    Call : +91 9819006966


    For Corporate Ensembles & Experiences:

    Email: devarsee@vaultfinespirits.com

    Call : +91 9820626823