In Mexico, Mezcal came first, Tequila next. Into the global world of fine spirits, Tequila came first, and Mezcal only just recently.


What are these two spirits hailing from the Land of Agave, all about and what makes them different?

Both are made from Agave. Both are sipped and not shot by the Mexicans. Both are relished by the Mexicans, and now the whole world. This is where their similarities end.


While Mezcal can be made from up to 50 species of the agave plant, most of them only grow wild, and take a minimum of four years, with some requiring several years. It is said that `Mezcal tastes like time’, and is aptly said so. The piña of the agave is roasted and cooked in underground pits lined with rocks, giving it the distinct smoky character. Terroir plays a role, and to be called Mezcal it has to from one of the nine Mexican states – Durango, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas. Oaxaca being the most popular home of this spirit.


Tequila on the other hand can be made only from one type of Agave, Weber blue agave, which take a minimum of six years to mature, and some could take upto 12 years. It is only identified as Tequila when it is distilled in Jalisco, where 99% of Tequila is made. Slow roasted in traditional ovens, fermented, the resulting liquid is then distilled.

The Vault Collection offers an authentic experience of the Agave Spirits with Meteoro Mezcal and Calle 23 Tequila.






Just like it’s namesake, Meteoro Mezcal gives you an outer world experience with every indulgent sip. Carrying a legend of the Mezcalero who used a meteor crater to cook his fresh agave piñas, this spirit  is an artisanal exception that is crafted according to the Oaxaca traditions.



On the palate, Meteoro reveals a peppery sip with hints of roasted cinnamon and star anise in the mouth as a distinctly smoky and fruit flavor envelopes the palate. Aromatic and complex, all at the same time, Meteoro is a little creamy on the palate that finishes with the fine sweetness of citrus peel and white pepper. Intense and highly enjoyable, neat, its the perfect – sip and indulge spirit.



Carrying a little bit of the air of the Jalisco highlands, the wave of energy from the streets of Guadalajara, the Calle23 Tequila is the taste of Mexico. Savour the love notes or the stories of candour and excellence from over the years, Calle23 Tequila is a love at first sip.


The Blanco is crystalline clear, with a medium body with a nose of cooked agaves, hints of citrus and herbaceous notes. On the palate it is soft and gentle yet with much character. Full agave flavour, hints of fruit especially Granny Smith apples and pears in the long, lingering aftertaste.

Whether it is a Mezcal, or a Tequila, we at The Vault encourage you to sip them to understand their character. You can then, make a cocktail of your choice. And like the Mexicans, you can enjoy these fine spirits through your dinner, conversations, laughter, music and celebrations.

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