Indulge the connoisseur in you, or gift it to another, or come together to become partners for a dram.

In the years of being a whisky enthusiast, I have imagined a few designs and accessories that would allow me to share my love for the spirit with others. During the festive season, The Vault gives me an opportunity to research, test and then bring that imagination to life. This high craft travel bar is one such. 

After careful thought about what works and what doesn’t, and in collaboration with the designers at Nappa Dori, was born this exquisite handcrafted and indulgently curated case featuring Kilchoman Sanaig Single Malt, a Sherry heavy, peated malt from one of our favourite distilling houses on Islay. 

Indulge yourself. Gift it to another whisky enthusiast or connoisseur. Pack this travel bar along with the rest of your bags, and head out to celebrate your holiday.


Keshav Prakash


Custom engraved, handstitched and mindfully handcrafted, its luxurious Prussian blue case, ensconces spirited stories from the first distillery built on the Islay in 125 years.

The Vault Travel Bar features exquisite Schott Zwiesel crystal whisky tumblers, finely handcrafted crafted leather coasters and the inimitable small-batch artisanal Islay whisky full of peaty promises. 

Our limited edition selection of 10 Vault Travel Bar collectible is priced at Rs. 36,000/- each, all-inclusive.