AND…welcomes four new craft spirits.

Handcrafted – Handpicked

The last three months of a year, have always been my favorite.


It brings to the forefront what adds meaning to my work each day and that is – the joy of sharing and being with others. I love having people around me, and I love sharing. So the start of the festive season opens up plenty of doors, windows and more for people like me to come alive and celebrate this spirit of sharing. 


What delights me most is that no festival or celebration is complete without a diverse bunch of people coming together – we need our staff, our friends, our families, the people who make sweets and savories; the artisans both small scale and luxury, who skillfully bring their beautiful crafts alive to enrich the gifting experience; musicians and performers who entertain and take us down the memory lane; the innovators of phones and internet and social media who make it possible for us to connect with our loved ones near and far; and so, the list of people and teams behind the scenes of such celebrations are simply endless. 


I extend my joy of sharing and being with others through fine spirits and through the tales hidden in the bottle. So, this time of the year gives me many a chance to toast to the distillers and people behind the beautiful creations, spread across the globe. Even as I say cheers to them all, I share with you four more new ones added to our growing collection of stories.


Each one of them is a winter delight.


So…Discover. Nose. Sip. Savor. Celebrate.


These new additions will be available with our retail partners in Mumbai starting next week.

Please call our concierge for details.






Obsessively handcrafted on the wild Cornish coast Tarquins Dry Gin is distilled then filled, labeled, waxed, stamped and signed all by hand. Made in batches of 300, every bottle brings exotic botanicals from Kosovo, Bulgaria, Poland, Morocco, Guatemala into one exemplary sip of Cornish gin craft.


The Vault is delighted to announce its first Cornish gin Tarquins Gin, meticulously handcrafted, hand-filled, hand-labeled and dipped in a slow cooker filled with paraffin wax, stamped and given batch-tasting notes and signed by Tarquin Leadbetter himself.





The northernmost distillery in Scotland, Wolfburn thrived in the 1820s and the 1850s, before finally ceasing production. As a testament to the taste of the older incarnation, the new generation of Wolfburn whiskies are made completely by hand in pot stills, unhurried and with no automation, and are left to mature in casks in quiet, dark purpose-built warehouses bathed only in the cold north shore air. 


We invite you to discover Wolfburn a spirit of measured craftsmanship that lets nature play its course.





A powerhouse traditional rhum agricole from Martinique, Trois Rivières Blanc is a Daiquiri delight that’s full of aplomb and mouthful of flavors. Unlike conventional rums that are distilled from fermented molasses, rhum agricole, and its distinctive grassy, comes from the distillation of fermented sugarcane juice and has its origins in the French Caribbean. The Trois Rivières is an expression considered to be the ambassador of all things French a la mode around the world finding favour with craft spirit lovers across the globe.





Christened after the legend of mezcalero who used a meteor crater to cook his fresh agave piñas, Meteoro Mezcal is an artisanal spirit rigorously crafted according to Oaxaca traditions. Handpicked espadin agave piñas, slow-roasted in oven pits imbibe an unmistakable smokiness from the red-hot river stones and mesquite wood before being crushed in huge mule-drawn stone grinder called the Tahona.


Here is our proud addition of a mezcal worthy of having “Fallen from the skies”, painstakingly handcrafted over months from piña to palate.






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