Introducing three new categories of spirits  + a much needed artisan Vermouth.


Sorry for The Vault’s emailer disappearance.


We were just busy prepping for the season.


So, after much stress, sweat, and the rains, we are back doing what we do best – bringing access to the most artisanal of spirits handpicked from across the world, to you, a growing community of fine spirits patrons and connoisseurs in India.


For the last two years, there are three categories of spirits that I have been tasting across several international festivals, wondering when would be a good time to introduce them to our country. So, when I got a chance to offer it in the `DISCOVERY’ section of `The Vault Biennale’,  people fell in love with them instantly.


So, here we are, officially opening up these three new categories of spirits – Calvados, Armagnac, Cachaca, for you to nose, sip and savour.


We are equally excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Vermouth – an excellent aperitif and a perfect cocktail mixer, that mixologists have been craving for a while.


We invite you to learn about these new additions and pick what you feel like tasting first. If you want to make an evening theme of these three new categories and introduce them to your friends and family, why not?


These new additions will be available with our retail partners in Mumbai starting next week.

Please call our concierge for details.




A French brandy made with apples, Calvados is pure Normandie heritage. A symphony of orchards with over 200 varietals used to create this exquisite cider spirit, Calvados even found its way into James Bond’s cocktail repertoire.


The Vault is delighted to announce its’ first Calvados Christian Drouin Selection Calvados an exceptionally vivid sip made with 30 distinct apple varietals grown on the family run ambling estate.




A fine brandy from the Gascony region of the south of France, Armagnac traces back to a place in the French courts 700 years ago. Distilled in small batches in South of Bordeaux, Armagnac is truly an exceptional journey through time and terroir.


We invite you to discover Armagnac Casterade which opens with the scent of ripe plums and spirited stories from 700 years ago.




What wine is to Italy and vodka is to Russia, Cachaça is to Brazil. Distilled from fermented sugarcane juice, artisanal Cachaças are truly Brazilian at heart. Made from fresh pressed unprocessed cane juice, Cachaca’s distinctly herbaceous flavor is a mixologist’s dream. For that ultimate Brazilian experience, keep it simple and stick to the traditional lime version.



The Capucana Cachaça is an expression considered to be the ambassador of Brazilian cachaça. A delight to discover.






With origins in ancient Greece and the blessings of Hippocrates himself, Vermouth looks back at an illustrious history as muse to monks, doctors, and alchemists. Top that off with the tender loving care that world-renowned bartender, Mancino has lavished upon it and you’ll understand why Mancino’s vermouths define the word unforgettable.


Here is our proud addition for mixologists and home bars alike –  Mancino Vermouth Rosso and Mancino Vermouth Secco!






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