Trois Rivières

Sainte-Luce, Martinique


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    The distinctive turquoise label that makes rum aficionados skip a heartbeat brings with it a spirited history. The plantation upon which Trois Rivières stood is one amongst the oldest in Martinique, bought in 1660 by a wealthy landowner and since transformed from a sugar mill to production of processed juice and rhum agricole. Even though the production of Trois Rivières was moved to Rivière Pilote in 2004, its original distillation column was rebuilt on the new site to guarantee the same, purity of taste and flavour that has been associated with the distinctive rhums agricoles of The Trois Rivières.


    Unlike conventional rums that are distilled from fermented molasses, rhum agricole, and its distinctive grassy, aromatic flavour, comes from the distillation of fermented sugarcane juice. Rhum agricole has its origins in the French Caribbean, and like all things French, is becoming a la mode around the world and finding favour with craft spirit lovers who can’t get enough of The Trois Rivières offerings.

    Trois Rivières Rhum Blanc

    50% ABV – 700 ml

    This is the kind of rum that can almost stand in for Martinique — grassy, bright and full of character. Have it neat to enjoy every note of its clean, well-balanced flavour, or make it a Ti’ Punch and pour yourself a holiday. Either way, this full-bodied column-still rum seduces at first sip.


    Tasting Notes:You’ll remember the ripe banana, coconut milk and warm sugar that waft through the minute you pour out the first measure. The soft, smooth and complex nature of the drink stands out the moment you take your first sip. The white pepper and citrus, however, remain with you to the very end, making this one very evocative drink.