An e-tail site for Mumbai, & an exquisitely designed product for the whisky lovers


Even as the weather is yet to stabilize across different regions of India, and we pray it does so soon, hope the end of the year holiday season has brought with it togetherness with friends and family.

At our end, we are excited to share, that finally an e-tail website in partnership with Juben Wines, allows us to offer fine spirits enthusiasts access to our whole range of handcrafted-handpicked Vault Collection, in Mumbai.

We invite you to explore this bouquet of artisanal spirits, which has the introduction of never-before-available categories of distilled spirits from regions of the world, that are now becoming global favourites. Their history, quality of the terroir, and the uncompromised way in which the spirit is being made by passionate local distillers, has indeed made them stand on par with the other timeless categories, across world-class bars. Once you pick and purchase, we will have it delivered to you in Mumbai.

Hope you enjoy indulging with the finest, as much as we have enjoyed showcasing our entire collection through this e-tail site.


And now, to what I have thoroughly enjoyed using, over my last few drams.


We all know that adding water opens up the aromas and flavours of a good whisky, improving the tasting experience. To be precise in doing so, is a mark of a whisky enthusiast and a connoisseur. Recently, the Scottish crystal company, Glencairn Crystal Studio, known for their `official’ Glencairn whisky glass, listening to the feedback from the Glencairn Glass community, introduced the = Glencairn Pipette, the perfect partner to the Glencairn Glass.


This elegant hand blown, lead-free glass pipette, weighing just 8gms, that sits comfortably in the hand, fitting the length of the glass, has a control-aperture at the upper end, and holds 1com of water, allowing users to be precise with their dilution.


Be it for your personal tasting, or as a gift, the Glencairn Pipette adds a new dimension to the whisky experience, and you can even pair the gift with the Glencairn Glass, just the perfect set, to create the perfect pour.


Please note:
If you need any guidance as you explore our e-tail site, or if you face any technical challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact me on


If you wish to purchase The Glencairn Pipette, you can write to us on or whatsapp us on +91-9819006966


May these two new things at The Vault, make it easier for you to sit back, nose-sip and savour, creations from around the world.


Keshav Prakash


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