Region - Highland, Scotland


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    The northernmost distillery in Scotland, Wolfburn thrived in the 1820s and the 1850s, before finally ceasing production. But the memories of the famed distillery lived on in the town of Thurso, and in May 2011, Aurora brewing company went in search of the old Wolfburn. Hardly anything was left, but what remained was the golden grail of whisky making, the gently flowing Wolfburn.


    By 2013, the new Wolfburn distillery had been established just a short walk away from the old site, but still drawing its water from the same mineral-laden stream. As testament to the taste of the older incarnation, the new generation of Wolfburn whiskies are made completely by hand in pot stills, unhurried and with no automation, and are left to mature in casks in quiet, dark purpose-built warehouses bathed only in the cold north shore air. That’s what Wolfburn drinkers taste in every sip — a spirit of measured craftsmanship that lets nature play its course.

    Wolfburn – Northland

    46% Abv – 700ml

    Long fermentation of 75 hours, slow gentle distillation, and maturation in ex-Islay quarter casks made from Spanish and American oak, makes this expression a truly exceptional dram.


    Tasting Notes: The nose is fruit and malty, with a trace of peat smoke in the background. On the palate, apart from the sweet, nutty tones, hint of honey coat the tongue with a slightly pleasant flavor of peat smoke. This rounded whisky is impressively complex for a young whisky, and the finish is bitter chocolate sweet, with a trace of peat.